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Are you looking for a pool service near you? 
We are your local pool pro and offer the highest quality weekly pool service as well as:

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Pumps, Motors, Lights, Heaters, Control Systems, Timers, Salt Systems, Electrical and more!

Swimming Pool Maintenance is our passion.

What Should You Expect From A Pool Service?
There are many things to consider when hiring a swimming pool service.  First of all, the technicians should be background checked. In fact, the law says they have to be. If a service doesn't have a business license AND a special business license, it's probably because they can't pass the background check to get them. Think about that.  

You should also expect that the same technician is coming out to service your swimming pool regularly.  It's understandable if someone fills in from time to time, but the best service is provided when you have a technician who knows your pool inside and out.  

Another thing to expect is someone local.  If you live in Elk Grove, CA and the pool guy lives in Folsom, you'll have a difficult time getting them out in case of emergency or whatever reason.  A local pool service provider can easily stop in on your non-service days.  

Another thing to expect is a well trained and experienced pool service technician.  Cleaning swimming pools is one thing, but knowing how to properly add and balance chemicals is another.  Solving problems before they become problems is something that comes with experience.  At Elk Grove Pools, we are always one step ahead of the pool and know what to look for to prevent issues. 

Your pool service should always be scheduled on the same day each week.  This doesn't mean it's always done on that day, but you'll know when to expect it.  

The basic swimming pool chemicals should be provided by the service.  There is a huge world of specialty pool chemicals so don't expect all of them to be included with your monthly service charge. 
Something that most people overlook is that you should expect to still be doing a fair amount of work on your pool.  The service is only there once a week.  The home owners or residents should be brushing the pool regularly, cleaning out debris , watching the cleaner and other systems to be sure they are working correctly between visits.There is no such thing as a "Hands Free Pool". 

Finally, you should expect that your monthly invoice is almost always the agreed upon price.  Good swimming pool service will occasionally require chemicals or services that are not included with your monthly service charge, but that should be the exception; not the norm. 

Luckily, you're reading this, which means you've found Elk Grove Pools.  Back in 1999, Todd Trice began working in the pool industry and has been working with, on and around swimming pools and swimming pool systems every day since.  As the business grew, the same high standards and expectations outlined here (and many more) were instilled in each and every employee.  Your pool, not to mention your property, pets, family, etc., will be taken care of as if it were our own. 
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